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WELCOME. BodyShop661

Total customer satisfaction can be obtained only by caring about our customers and taking pride by giving value, quality, and professionalism in our work.

Our facility, equipment, and trained technicians are geared to meet this goal.

- Cesar Ranuschio and Family


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(661) 251-2252

Insurance Claims

Here at BodyShop661 we understand that getting into an auto accident could be very stressful and we are here to help the recovery. Our representatives will walk you though the process as you call your insurance or that of the person at fault and make a claim.

If you are not very familiar with the process and would like more help, you may come in and we can make a claim with you in our office. Once we have placed a claim, you will be given a claim number. With this claim number we will begin the process for the reparations on your vehicle. We will set up your inspections and work with your insurance company directly to complete the repairs as soon as possible, while maintaining value and quality in our work.

The Importance of Maintenance

Is your vehicle running as efficiently as it can? Is it performing as designed by the manufacturer? Routine maintenance should be an ongoing process that begins when the vehicle is new, because any machine that receives use will also accumulate wear.

Tips for Better Mileage:

1. Replace your air filter.
2. Keep your tires properly inflated.
3. Use the recommended grade of oil.



About Us

Since our family purchased this auto body facility in 1999, we have pledged to our customers our commitment to excellence and total satisfaction. We treat everyone like family here at KBP International, Inc. and we will help you to the best of our ability.

Our representatives have over 30 years of experience in the auto repair business and their honesty in this competitive industry has helped KBP maintain customers’ for many years. Beginning its business as a small mechanic shop in Hollywood, we have expanded to a complete auto facility in the Santa Clarita Valley, which includes a variety of different services.

Properly repairing today’s complex vehicles requires more expert knowledge and specialized equipment than ever before. Our State of the art repair facility and skilled personnel assure that you receive the highest quality body work possible. Our technicians work with all make and models of autos, trucks, recreational vehicles, water crafts, trailers, and much more. We work with all body materials, from fiberglass to carbon fiber to plastic. Our specialized auto body technicians have the ability to repair, install, and/or customize almost any body kit for any vehicle.

Automotive painting and refinishing is truly an art. Our painters combine the latest techniques with the keen eye of an artist to create “showroom” quality finishes. Since its introduction to the United States in the beginning of 2009, our facility has had the new state of the art water base system in place.

Our technicians have mastered the art of painting with these new products and they can make your car look like new again.

Services Include
Items for Sale Include
  • Paint
  • Body Work
  • Mechanical
  • Body Kit Installation
  • Custom Fabrications
  •  Air Brushing
  • Body Kit
  • Performance Parts
  • Billet Grill
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Wings and Spoilers

(661) 251-2252 BODYSHOP661

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